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Tailors - in your area
What prompted us at Varnamaya to open this page section for tailors (Read On)

If there is one thing that women in chennai are scared about!!! then it is the tailors in chennai. Varnamaya over the years of interaction with customers and with changing design patterns according to trends and materials we found out that tailors in chennai are not even close to stitching 20% of what the customer wants or atleast the pattern that was given to them. The cut is bad or the stitching is bad.

Frequent delays in delivery, Most tailors do not even accept to stitch patterns and it is time consuming. We cannot blame them entirely for this because chennai customers are cost concious too. For the same price of stitching an ordinary salwar they want to stich patterns with work on it which is impossible.

Facts about Tailors and Stitching:
Good tailors charge high ( We always talk about how good the stitching is in Mumbai and Delhi) . But do you know that they charge anywhere between 600 - 700 rupees for a salwar.

Tailors are hard to find (Tailors in shops keep jumping jobs, they do not stick to one particular place, when you think that you finally have a good tailor next to your place, well!!! before you know he is gone). Reason being high operational costs like Rent for premises, machinery cost, daily wages for workers or staff and still the poor guy can only charge not more that 200 for a salwar for chennai customers. Very few survive and they are overloaded. Imagine making a profit of 100 rupees for stitching a salwar and the maximum he can stich is 3 in a day which gives him a profit of 200 to 300 a day.

We have started head hunting tailors by giving them a test material and asking them to do a certain pattern and style and this is what we came up with.

The Good News
Tailors we recommend for Velachery and Pallikarnai residents

We have finally managed to locate a tailor who has worked in mumbai for the past 18 years and has set up shop in chennai (Velachery)along with his North Indian Tailors. The name of the shop is MUMBAI TAILORS in Tansi Nagar, Velachery.

Varynamaya Spoke with the tailors and found them to be talking the right language in stitching. They seem to know the nuances of stitching the bombay style. The persons we are talking about have worked in major salwar stitching units in Mumbai and are now here on their own.They have a trial room and alterations are done then and there.

Name Of Shop: Mumbai Dress Designer
Mumbai Dress Designer: No 76 Church Gate Avenue, Annai Indira nagar,(Tansi Nagar), Velachery, Chennai 600042.
Phone: +91 7299333380
Location Map: Click here View Mumbai Dress Designer Shop Location on Map

Note: Varnamaya only recommends and suggests tailors due to popular request. We are not responsible for the outcome.